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About The Community

The Lighten Up Community is where we engage in  resources and conversations that are open, honest and vulnerable and together, we create the greatest change in our lives. 

It is THE hub of leading-edge resources for your life creation, mental wellness, and growth that honors exactly who you are.

For all of you out there who have been looking for a community that: 

  • Accepts and honors you

  • Gives you the freedom to digest life-changing content on your own time and in your own way

  • Continually opens your eyes to more and more possibilities

  • Conveniently hosts all cutting-edge content - video, audio and written - in one place

  • Encourages you to be you with no expectations of what that looks like

You are in the right place!

When you join us, you’ll be greeted with my Lighten Up Video training that empowers your mental wellness and infuses your life creation with new possibilities.

🎁 This is the first of many bonuses inside. 

You’re invited to curl up, relax and have a cup of tea with me - to connect, feel seen, be heard and be supported.

Together, we’ll co-create a better and less judgmental conversation on all things mental wellness and beyond.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

What adventure awaits?


A personal note from your guide, Lauren Polly

I believe that conversations that are open, honest and vulnerable create the greatest change in our lives.

Yet, so often our conversations are met with barriers of:

What’s right or wrong.

What to do and what not to do.

What’s okay and not okay. 

Our expression, beliefs, and choices get diluted and misaligned from what we can create. 

With conversations in an empowered community, we can bounce back, trust ourselves and continually seek greater.

When I wrote my now multi-award-winning book, The Other Side of Bipolar, it was to open up more generative conversations around a whole host of issues that had impacted me personally:

  • Stigma, self-judgment and getting lost in a mental health label

  • Strengths that are frequently mis-understood as mental issues and how to reclaim and use them

  • Building healthy sustainable relationships without getting lost in the other person

  • Caring and feeling so deeply that life gets intense and you want to run away

  • How to take care of yourself under all circumstances

  • Creating a life USING your innate gifts

  • What being a leader and having a unique voice in the world truly means

This initiated many life-changing conversations. 

There are more conversations to be had.  More to explore, experience and reclaim as we navigate our way forward.

This group is my way of opening the lines of communication of what possible.  

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